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16 West 37th St. New York, NY 10018

Couture Inc is a wholesale company established in 1986, located in the heart of New York City Manhattan Fashion District. We offer the latest fashion in women’s hats, dresses and ladies suits. Our goal is to design and sell hats of high standard and nothing less so that every customer is guaranteed to be satisfied with the quality and price. With Couture Inc, you will be sure to wear one of the most elegant, affordable, and stylish hats on the market.  Our hats seek to combine vintage materials with modern design to provide the most desirable and fashionable headwear. We carry many different styles in small, medium, and big size hats. Here are a few examples: Sinamay Hats, Straw Hats, Kentucky Derby Hats, Delmar Hats, Satin Braid Hats, Satin Ribbon Hats, Beaded Hats, Sophisticated Hats, Cocktail Hats, Bridal Hats, Mother of The Bride Hats, Lace Hats, Fabric Hats, Designer Hats, Profile Hats, Organza Hats, Metallic Hats, Horse Racing Hats, Feathered Hats, Summer Hats, Winter Hats, Cloche Hats, Wool Hats, Felt Hats, Wool Felt Hats, Brocade Hats, Jacquard Hats, PP Hats, Horse Hair Hats, Taffeta Hats, Printed Hats, Animal Print Hats, Polka Dot Hats, Leopard Printed Hats, Tiger Printed Hats, Stripe Hats, Two Tone Hats, Zebra Printed Hats, Red Hats, Multi Color Hats, White Hats, Black Hats, Ivory Hats, Navy Hats, Silk Hats, Head band, Flowered Hats, Floral Hats, Tall Crown Hats, High Crown Hats, Big Brim Hats, Gorgeous Hats, Elegant Hats, Exotic Hats, Embellished Hats, Dress Hats, Pillbox Hats, Sunday Hats, Sun Hats, Party Hats, Floppy Hats, Wedding Hats, Fancy Hats, Big Hats, Wide Brim Hats, Victorian Hats, English Hats, Queen Elizabeth Hats, Princess Diana Hats, Tea Party Hats, Luncheon Hats, Ballroom Hats, Governor Island Hats, Fundraising Hats, Polo Hats, Church Hats, Organza Hats, Taffeta Hats, Rhinestone Hats, Hat Accessories, and Fascinators. We have a hat that will suit you for any occasion. We carry hats like the ones worn at the Royal Wedding. Wear them on race day at Kentucky Derby Festival, Belmont or Ascot. Wear them to church on a Sunday. Wear them to a tea party or cocktail party. We LOVE hats, and we know you will love our hats, too!

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